Expression Web 3 Service Pack 1


Service Pack 1 for Expression Web 3 is available, and you’ll probably pick it up the next time you run Windows Update.  If you don’t pick it up that way, you can download it directly from here

In case you’re wondering what’s in it, there is a Description of Expression Web 3 Service Pack 1 at the Microsoft Support site.  There is an even better description at this post on the “Expression Web Blog”, which is an outside blog written by a Microsoft MVP Tina A. Clarke.

Aside from fixes, some of the key improvements are:

  • Extensibility: the return of the add-in model
  • Root-relative hyperlink support
  • Better PHP editing support for Drupal and CakePHP template files. Expression Web 3 SP1 now recognizes .module, .install, .inc, and .ctp as valid PHP extensions.  Yes, Expression web is a nice PHP editor.  If you have MSDN premium, it’s in your toolkit.
  • IE8 Meta tag and Web Slice support.
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