Quick work around–“pending change that is not compatible”

On upgrading a VS 2008 project to VS 2010 beta 1, some of my unit tests didn’t upgrade fully.  There were some references to version “” assemblies. 

I need to go back and let people know about the problem, but I pursued a “nuke everything, it’s the only way to be sure” fix.  I removed the test projects from my solution, moved those folders to a scratch folder, and deleted the folders from source control.

Then I got the message “TF14050: Cannot change item xxx because it already has a pending change that is not compatible”.  It only took a couple of minutes to figure out—the file was new, marked as “add”, but was “read-only”.  I just changed the read-only bit and I could check in.

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  1. Manjunath Sampangi says:

    Hi David,

    Thanks!. It worked for me.

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