An answer for those of you who wanted Browser-based access to TFS

For those of you who have wanted browser-based access to Team System, Microsoft announced the acquisition of DevBiz today:

Some of the good news is that we’re making the client a free download, and working it into our product roadmap. You can download it for free today. Here are some of the key points from the FAQ:

§  Microsoft is excited to announce the acquisition of devBiz Business Solutions, makers of TeamPlain Web Access, a web interface for Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server that allows managing work items, documents, reports, and version control repositories.

§  Microsoft has received extensive feedback from customers expressing their desire for a light-weight, easy-to-use web interface for a variety of users of Team Foundation Server. At the same time users continue to desire to extend the use of Team Foundation Server to other platforms. With the acquisition of devBiz, Microsoft will now make available to all current and future users of Team Foundation Server a convenient web access interface that has already been successful with existing TFS users.

§  Microsoft sees the acquisition of devBiz as a way to accelerate the delivery of Team Foundation Server web access to its user community.

§  TeamPlain Web Access is now available as a free download for existing Team Foundation Server users and will be incorporated into a future release of Visual Studio Team System.


Product Roadmap

§  TeamPlain Web Access is now available as a free download to all Team Foundation Server customers

§  In several months, TeamPlain Web Access will be re-released as Team System Web Access as part of the Team Foundation Server Power Tools

§  In the Orcas timeframe, we will be releasing Team System Web Access as an official, documented, localized, fully supported component of Team Foundation Server (Exact release date post Orcas TBD)

I think this is great, and I’ll try to post a few new entries showing what you can do with this.

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