Windows Server 2008 Developer Center

I’ve met with some customers over the past year to discuss how to prepare developers and testers for Vista–how to test UAC, new features of .NET, how integrated search changes how you work, the effects of sandboxing IE, etc. The good news for Windows Server 2008 is that you can prepare early by going to Windows…

Microsoft Live Labs

I’m sure you already know about this–and it’s not technically what I focus on–but we list some nice projects over at Microsoft Live Labs. A listing of the projects is available here. I’ve been impressed with Photosynth for a while. It takes 2D pictures and lets you navigate them in 3D. Listas is a new…


Somasegar’s WebLog : F# – A Functional Programming Language

I’ve been playing around with F# for a little while, but I hadn’t gotten my hopes up that it’d end up an official part of Visual Studio. It looks like my trusty intuition isn’t as trusty as I’d hoped it would be. There’s a team forming to help bring F# into Visual Studio. If you know what…


Data Dude : Database References

Looks like I’m out of date on some of my references. In the initial release of VSTE for Database Professionals (“DBPro”) we didn’t support references between databases. That’s changed–three and four-part references are now supported (e.g. the “Pubs” database can reference the “Northwind” database, and DBPro will make use of the references between them).  See: Data Dude : Database References


Releasing the Source Code for the .NET Framework Libraries – ScottGu’s Blog

It’s not a big secret that I spent years programming in other languages before coming to Microsoft–Java, PERL, C++ on UNIX, Pascal variants, Smalltalk, etc. One of the nice aspects about programming in those environments–well, some of them–is that you can see the code in the framework libraries and understand how they work and why they behave they way…


Operations Guidance for Team Foundation Server

The TFS operations guide is out:  Operations Guidance for Team Foundation Server It covers monitoring, topology, operations plans, users and groups, where the configuration information is, and backup/restore planning. I have to say, I’m always a fan of knowing where the configuration information is, what it is, and where my “gauges” are.


Great Post by Clark Sell: The VSTS Resources Map

  I’m constantly asked for a “getting started” list for VSTS. I’ve saved and rewritten that same information a bunch of times. Now, Clark Sell has created a graphical “mind map” version of common VSTS resources–check it out: The VSTS Resources Map


Love song to Attrice Sidekick tools

Attrice has some great TFS tools called “Sidekicks”. I know I love them because They do things I need done They’re simple, and I want them to have more features. (If I didn’t care, I wouldn’t want them to have more features). One example: I’ll work across a number of workspaces in TFS. Their status…


Defy All Challenges/Visual Studio 2005 Extensions

This link has been available for quite a while, but I never posted it in my blog. It’s easy to get overwhelmed trying to keep up with extensions available for Visual Studio. One central place where we list a number of useful extensions for Visual Studio is Defy All Challenges. You can find Office development tools,…


Finalized guidance published for WSS 3.0 support (Jeff Beehler linkage and shameless topic theft)

Brian Keller had blogged previously on configuring the current release of TFS to support WSS 3.0 or SharePoint 2007. Jeff Beehler also blogged about the same topic previously, and provides more information here:  Jeff’s blog post: Finalized guidance published for WSS 3.0 support Updated guidance: visit the Visual Studio Team System TechNotes site and look for…