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Résumé Audience, part 2

The next thing I think prospective employees need to know about how résumés are interpreted is how it is customized for the company.

Do some research about the company and specific job you want to which you submit your resume. Look specifically at the job description and think how you best fit that job. Does your résumé sound like a good match? Ask a friend to review it for you.

In my last post, I suggested not using a shotgun approach to catching someone’s eye. This is where customization comes in. You may know 25 technologies, but most of them are going to be irrelevant to this job. Highlight the ones you know that are most relevant in your job history.

I realize customizing your résumé can be a fair amount of work. Is it worth it to give yours an edge? Another thing is that as a résumé reader, if I can tell the person didn’t care enough to target my company or open job, it makes me wonder if they would do what is necessary to drive for excellence in the job, especially around communication. Hard work and intelligence applies both before and during a new job.

As a closing note, if the company has a free email service it would be smart to sign up for an account there and use it as your contact info. A neutral email service is fine, but a controversial pairing could be sending an impolitic message.