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General insights and product information by David R. Williamson, Senior Development Manager

Our Scrum Cycle

I’ve mentioned in a previous post about how our team has adopted Scrum and agile methodology… at least in spirit.  🙂 I thought I’d share some of the specifics about how we’re running it.  This is primarily based on direction from our Engineering Manager, Mark Mydland.  He’s brought Scrum and agile to other teams, both… Read more

Engineering Lead

In the last six months, I’ve transitioned from a QA Lead to an Engineering Lead position.  I’m still a persistent and tenacious driver of quality.  Now I get to influence the development process as well.  It is a great opportunity for me to optimize development for the benefit of quality, as well as a great… Read more

Trying Scrum

Over the last several months, our team has decided to try all this “agile” stuff we keep hearing about.  In large part, our new manager is responsible for putting us on this course but many of us were curious with what it would offer and fed up with some of the problems we’d been perpetually… Read more