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Book: Professional Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2010

A new book is out for VS2010 by authors Mickey Gousset, Brian Keller, Ajoy Krishnamoorthy, and Martin Woodward. I was the technical editor for most of Brian Keller’s chapters, though he didn’t need me too much since his content was always spot on anyway. Chapters 14 and 21 are available to preview at Wiley’s site…. Read more

VS2010 Launch Tour

I’m going on a whirlwind tour of the south central United States in a couple of weeks. My field partner is setting up a bunch of meetings with user groups and companies. I want to know who I’m meeting with so I’m prepared to speak to them. Many of the entries are acronyms and I… Read more

Résumé Audience, part 2

The next thing I think prospective employees need to know about how résumés are interpreted is how it is customized for the company. Do some research about the company and specific job you want to which you submit your resume. Look specifically at the job description and think how you best fit that job. Does… Read more

Résumé Audience

I’ve been reading a blog called Manager Tools recently based on a recommendation from a colleague. It has me thinking about a part of my job I don’t usually discuss much: interviewing. I’ve spent a lot of time looking over various résumés from people, and I’m still astonished how little they understand about who is… Read more

Where Have I Been?

After trying to start up blogging, I failed to make it part of my regular routine. I think I found it hard to come up with topics. Working on a v1 product is fun, but it also means no existing customer base or products to blog about. I think I find it much easier to… Read more

MSDN Chat – April 9th

Join members of the Visual Studio Team System product group to discuss features available in Team Foundation Server, Team Suite, Architecture Edition, Development Edition, Database Edition, and Test Edition. In addition, discuss what’s new for these editions for Visual Studio 2008. Add to Calendar April 9, 200810:00 A.M. Pacific Time Additional Time Zones… Read more

Talking To Customers

At Microsoft, we have developers and testers.  Those two disciplines make up the traditional engineering roles that most companies have.  Where we seem to differ the most is in the project management and feature design role.  Some companies call them business analysts.  We call them program managers. From group to group at Microsoft, the role… Read more

Web Test Variables

A customer emailed me today with a follow up question.  The original question was about web tests recording AJAX-style client side scripting which initiates server queries.  In VS2005 we didn’t record those requests and our work around was to use Fiddler2 to record the scripts. In VS2008 we fixed that which is great for customers… Read more


Have you heard about Mort, Elvis, and Einstein?  No, no… I mean in context of Visual Studio.  🙂  We use these 3 personas to help guide feature development. I did a search for these names to see what has already been published.  MS employees have already blogged about the personas, and some critics have come… Read more


In the three years I’ve been working in the Developer Division at Microsoft, I’ve been impressed with the focus our divisional leaders have placed on customer focus.  The benefit to customers is obvious.  We’re responsive to your concerns and it helps us build a product that better meets your needs. It also benefits us a… Read more