Video Roundup (Martin Johns and more!)

Recently I got Martin Johns connected with Helen Wang's group in Microsoft Research.  Check out Martin's excellent talk @MSR, Secure Code Generation for Web Applications.

Here are a few other gems I discovered on

Techniques and Tools for Engineering Secure Web Applications
Gary Wassermann, 3/13/2008

Improving Software Security with Precise Static and Runtime Analysis
Benjamin Livshits, 6/26/2006

End-to-end Security for Web Applications: A Language-based Approach
Nikhil Swamy, 4/1/2008

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  1. Brad Hill says:

    Wow, there are a lot of talks available at

    Do you know if there’s an index page by topic somewhere?  How did you find the ones you selected?

  2. dross says:

    There is an index available within Microsoft.  (Let me know if you’re on campus and I can direct you to it.)

    I was only able to find the talks linked in this blog entry by cross-referencing with our internal index.  =  I have spoken with a member of the research team though and there is some hope for the future.

    – DRoss

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