An XML Standard and Three Last Calls

It’s been a while since I last did a trip around the work being done by the standards organizations for XML and web services but I noticed a flurry of recent activity at W3C. Newly minted is the recommendation for the third edition of XML namespaces. This is the standard that defines how XML element…


Distinguishing Messages

Can I have two operations with the same name but different calling conventions use the same action? No, the point of the action property on a message is to guarantee that the message contains sufficient information to distinguish which operation it should be associated with. It would be of no benefit to provide an action…


MTOM Boundary Markers

What is the string “–uuid:…” doing embedded in MTOM messages? That string is a boundary marker that separates one part of the message from another. This scheme of separating message parts using a unique string is common to many types of multipart messages and is sometimes referred to as the MIME boundary. Since the string…


SOA Samples at Apache

The Stonehenge incubation project at Apache has started collecting together different implementations of SOA applications to demonstrate interoperability between different vendors. The first application is based on the StockTrader sample application that includes a multi-tier web service. All of the initially contributed code is available from the Stonehenge Apache repository.


Updates to Reliable, Secure, and Transacted Standards Close to Approval

Updated versions of the standards for reliable message, message security, and distributed transactions have completed public review and are headed to a final vote. I expect all of these standards updates to be approved and see official publication of the new versions in February. WS-SecurityPolicy 1.3 WS-SecureConversation 1.4 WS-Trust 1.4 WS-BusinessActivity v1.2 WS-AtomicTransaction v1.2 WS-Coordination…


Sam Ruby to Chair HTML WG

I saw an announcement the other day that Sam Ruby will become co-chair of the W3C HTML working group at the beginning of next year. The HTML working group impacts web application development more than most other standards even though there’s rarely a direct dependency on their deliverables. Sam has been very pragmatic in working…


Silverlight-Java Interoperability

Robert Bell wrote an article a few weeks ago discussing how to achieve interoperability between a Silverlight application and a Java application. In the article Robert covers interoperability when building SOAP services, REST services, and RSS services. Note that this description is targeted at the Beta 2 release of Silverlight 2, so there may be…


Standards Guide

Looking for a guide to all of the web services protocols implemented by WCF? There’s no single document that captures all of the information, but there is a group of documents that talk about the implemented protocols and some of the choices in those implementations. The level of detail varies from document to document as…


XQuery 1.1 Draft

A working draft for a 1.1 revision to XQuery went up earlier this week. The changes from XQuery 1.0 (which was finished just last year) to XQuery 1.1 appear to be small. There are two additional operators for grouping and windowing over a data stream. The group operator is fairly standard while the window operator…


Another Last Call for XML Schema 1.1

New working drafts have been published for XSD 1.1, which starts a last call period for comments lasting from now until September 12th. The previous last calls in 2006 and 2007 resulted in a substantial number of comments and revisions. You can get the XSD 1.1 drafts from the W3C web site. W3C XML Schema…