Debugging a Missing HostedTransportConfiguration Type

When browsing to a service hosted in IIS I get an error that the protocol does not have an implementation of HostedTransportConfiguration type registered. What can cause this? Two things to look at are the IIS site bindings and the installed activation services. All of these examples use net.tcp with default settings but you can…


Service Activation without Files

WCF services in IIS use a .svc file to bootstrap the process of activating a service. It’s possible but not recommended to put the entire service source code and definition in a .svc file to be dynamically compiled and run. Instead, the information that’s typically conveyed is: The identity of the service being instantiated The…


Multiple Site Bindings

A WCF application in IIS is a service page that is hosted under a site. You can assign different bindings to the site that describe the protocols through which the site can communicate. It’s possible to assign multiple protocols to a single site by specifying bindings that have different protocol schemes. It’s also possible to…


Windows Server AppFabric Refresh and Videos

Windows Server AppFabric provides management, monitoring, and other component services for WCF services using .Net 4. The beta 2 release of AppFabric came out a few weeks ago using the release candidate of .Net 4. Now that the final version of .Net 4 is available, you can get a refreshed version of Windows Server AppFabric…


HTTPS Host Name for IIS

The configuration of an IIS site includes the ability to associate a host name with a particular site definition. For HTTP traffic this allows multiple web sites to be hosted at the same IP address and port, with the true domain name of the site mapped using the host name header. For example, if you…


Fix for Generating Metadata Behind a Router

When generating metadata to describe a service, an address is published for the location at which the service can be reached. This is the address to which a client of the service should address a message. Ordinarily, the metadata address is obtained by looking at the address at which the service is listening for messages….


Debugging Delegation and Kerberos Configuration

I came across an interesting tool the other day that can be used to debug and diagnose configuration problems with Kerberos. DelegConfig is an ASP.NET application that you install to generate a troubleshooting report about your IIS configuration, Kerberos credential usage, and delegation settings. You configure the DelegConfig installation with the service account you intend…


ServiceHostBase Never Calls ApplyConfiguration

The ServiceHost class is the primary host for running services programmed using the WCF service programming model. Some of the features exposed by ServiceHost include configuration, service description, and endpoint management to control how the service operates. A base class for ServiceHost, called ServiceHostBase, contains a portion of those exposed features and allows you to…


Temporary Shadow Files

Why are the code files for a WCF service running in IIS copied to the Temporary ASP.NET Files folder? When an assembly file is loaded, that file is locked to prevent changes while the application is running. A service that is running in IIS will continue to run until the application domain is unloaded, which…


Three Networking Questions Answered with Samples

How do I remove or change the framing headers used for a TCP connection? By writing a transport channel you can control exactly what information is read or written to the TCP socket. An example of doing this is in the WSE interoperability sample. How do I pass credentials from the client to the service…