Download the Moving to Visual Studio 2010 Draft

Moving to Visual Studio 2010 is a developer guide for learning about the new features of Visual Studio 2010. The final version is planned to come out in a few months. The content so far is as much about the libraries released at the same time as Visual Studio 2010, such as MEF and ASP.NET MVC 2, as about the Visual Studio program itself.

Different parts of the book tell the story from each of the perspectives of Visual Studio 2003, Visual Studio 2005, and Visual Studio 2008. The preview draft is of the material for Visual Studio 2005.

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  1. Ido Ran says:

    We are sorry, the page you requested cannot be found

    That is what you see when you follow the link in this post.

    The great Bing (c) search engine find the exact same page and if you follow it you just end up in the same place.

    Hope you’ll fix this.


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