Windows Server AppFabric Refresh and Videos

Windows Server AppFabric provides management, monitoring, and other component services for WCF services using .Net 4. The beta 2 release of AppFabric came out a few weeks ago using the release candidate of .Net 4. Now that the final version of .Net 4 is available, you can get a refreshed version of Windows Server AppFabric…


HTTPS Host Name for IIS

The configuration of an IIS site includes the ability to associate a host name with a particular site definition. For HTTP traffic this allows multiple web sites to be hosted at the same IP address and port, with the true domain name of the site mapped using the host name header. For example, if you…


Schema Errors Extending Configuration

After adding a custom binding element to configuration as a binding element extension, Visual Studio reports any use of the binding element in app.config as a schema violation. Is something wrong with the binding element? No, as long as the binding is able to be instantiated when you run the service you know that the…


Network Tracing Betas

Two frequently used network diagnostic tools have gotten beta updates this week. Network Monitor is an adapter level capture program that can record and analyze protocol traces. If you join the Connect beta program for Network Monitor 3 you can get access to the latest Network Monitor 3.4 beta release. Network Monitor 3.4 has a…


Optional Xml Fields

When using DataContractSerializer with a data member that has IsRequired set to false, the generated schema has minOccurs of 0. However, when using XmlSerializer with an XML element that has IsNullable set to true, the schema has minOccurs of 1. Instead, the schema has nillable set to true. How do I get the XmlSerializer behavior…


Fix for Generating Metadata Behind a Router

When generating metadata to describe a service, an address is published for the location at which the service can be reached. This is the address to which a client of the service should address a message. Ordinarily, the metadata address is obtained by looking at the address at which the service is listening for messages….


Silverlight 4 Business Application Course

The Silverlight 4 business application training course is a set of videos and labs divided into eight modules for learning about building business applications with Silverlight. The primary focus of the training course is to learn about the new features in Silverlight 4. Existing preliminary material is gathered together to go over the features that…


Moonlight 3 Preview 6

Moonlight, the Linux version of Silverlight, has produced its sixth preview release of Moonlight 3. I don’t announce every release that they do because the team has a very short development cycle; the last announcement I did was for the first preview release of Moonlight 3 and that was less than three months ago. The…


WCF RIA Services Release Candidate 2

Late last week a second release candidate for WCF RIA Services was released. RIA Services are an application design pattern that lives between ASP.NET and Silverlight in a multi-tier architecture. Inside RIA Services you can host application logic for data access control, queries, and other data operations. Integration with Silverlight components and controls allows for…


Download the Moving to Visual Studio 2010 Draft

Moving to Visual Studio 2010 is a developer guide for learning about the new features of Visual Studio 2010. The final version is planned to come out in a few months. The content so far is as much about the libraries released at the same time as Visual Studio 2010, such as MEF and ASP.NET…