Two More Fixes for Visual Studio 2010 Release Candidate

Two fixes were published over the last few days to address issues reported with the Visual Studio 2010 release candidate.

The first fix resolves a crash that can sometimes occur when hovering over an identifier to bring up a tooltip information display. This is a different issue than the crash when bringing up an Intellisense display with an active screen reader that was fixed a few weeks ago.

The second fix addresses an issue with the code files generated by the web forms designer not including certain kinds of web controls in the generated code.

If either issue has been preventing you from trying out Visual Studio 2010, then you should see if the fixes resolve the problem for you.

Comments (4)

  1. zproxy says:

    Given that VS is not WPF on .net, why does it crash that hard?

  2. Hi zproxy,

    I don’t know the details of the fix to say why the original crash occured.  As a general design principle it’s better to crash and recover than possibly corrupt what you’re working on so that might be a reason.

  3. Hadn’t encountered either crash myself, but it’s good to know more bugs are being ironed out.

  4. zproxy says:

    I mean, if a component crashes, it could be disabled and restarted.

    IntelliSense is not a vital component and should not be able to crash the host component.

    Just my idea…

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