Moonlight 3 Preview

Moonlight, the Linux version of Silverlight, has produced its first preview release of Moonlight 3. You may recall that in the recent Moonlight 2 release they shipped both their equivalent of Silverlight 2 as well as a number of features from Silverlight 3 (such as out of browser support). This preview of Moonlight 3 focuses on supporting a greater array of Silverlight 3 features.

You can get the Moonlight 3 preview as either binaries or source code.

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  1. Shane says:

    Is there any support for smooth streaming in Moonlight 3?

  2. Hi Shane,

    I believe a subset of smooth streaming was among the Silverlight 3 features that were added early to Moonlight 2.  I expect that Moonlight will continue building to add to this support.  However I don’t speak officially for their plans or roadmap.

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