Debugging with Framework Source

How do I debug calls that go through WCF?

The easiest way to get started debugging through the framework is to enable source server support in Visual Studio. Source server support allows you to start debugging and have Visual Studio automatically download source code for the framework that you step into when it is available. Similarly, symbol server support allows you to get stack symbols while stepping through framework call frames. Symbols provide less information but are available for almost everything while the availability of source code is often limited.

You can also directly download the source code collections rather than getting the files one at a time through Visual Studio. This may be the better choice if you just want to browse rather than debug a problem.

Comments (2)

  1. Kerry - not a Microsoftie says:

    very cool! what would be the channel to report any issues/problems in the source code?

  2. Hi Kerry,

    If there are issues in the source code related to WCF, the best way to report them would be the Connect link to the right.

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