Full and Partial Profiles

What is the difference between the client and full framework profiles? Which one should I target? The use of profiles has changed considerably from .Net 3.5 to .Net 4. In .Net 3.5 a client profile was introduced for Windows XP to be able to have a small web download that could run many applications that…


Data Services Update Re-Released

The December update to .Net Framework 3.5 SP1 data services has been re-released after addressing some issues with the original version. Data Services are REST-based web services that expose a data model that can be consumed by web clients. Data Services use URIs to address data from a storage system and supports a variety of…


Warming a Cold Pool

The thread pool for asynchronous IO threads attempts to automatically regulate the number of idle threads to balance the resource consumption of threads with the responsiveness of servicing tasks. When there is not much work to be done, idle threads are spun down. When a surge of work comes in, new threads are spun up….


Domain Services with WCF RIA Services Introduction

Early documentation is available of a walkthrough for building a domain service using WCF RIA services. A domain service uses application logic running on the server to provide data validation and access control in a way that integrates the service with clients such as Silverlight. This walkthrough demonstrates building a service using ASP.NET data sources…


Debugging References with Graph Visualizations

Chris Lovett has a nice video demonstrating how to debug managed memory leaks by visualizing the runtime object reference graph produced by the gcroot debugger command. The graph visualization may help you spot cycles or other unexpected references that are causing the memory leak faster than reading through the gcroot output. I’ve seen other suggestions…


Fix for HTTP Startup Hang

WCF uses the http.sys kernel-mode http driver on most platforms to receive HTTP messages. The kernel-mode driver allows different services to share the same port for HTTP communication and, when running in IIS, allows messages to be received while the service is dormant. The http.sys driver is configured to automatically start so that it can…


Fix for Gradual Debugger Slowdown

Visual Studio 2008 added a feature to automatically attach to a service in your solution when the code you’re debugging makes a request to that service. By automatically attaching to the service you’re able to stop on breakpoints in the service code without having to explicitly step into the other project. This debugger integration requires…


Transaction Not Available

Can I run code under a flowed-in transaction from within a message inspector? The setup work for the service transaction is done shortly before the actual call to the implementation of the service operation. The service transaction is not guaranteed to be available for any of these extensibility points (although for certain kinds of transacted…


Debugging with Framework Source

How do I debug calls that go through WCF? The easiest way to get started debugging through the framework is to enable source server support in Visual Studio. Source server support allows you to start debugging and have Visual Studio automatically download source code for the framework that you step into when it is available….


Test .Net 4 Beta 2 over Windows Update

Sometime after .Net 4 is released it will be available as an optional update on Windows Update. You can configure a machine to test this update process now by electing to receive a beta update. After electing to try the beta update, you’ll be offered through Windows Update either the .Net 4 client profile if…