PDC Day 1 Announcement: AppFabric

One of the first day announcements at the PDC 2009 keynote was the unveiling of Windows Server AppFabric. Windows Server AppFabric is a set of integrated technologies that make it easier to build, scale, and manage web service applications that run inside of IIS. Included in AppFabric are the hosting features for WCF and WF previously called Dublin and the caching features for SQL Server previously called Velocity.

You can get a beta 1 of AppFabric today to try out with Windows Vista or later. In order to use AppFabric you'll also need to have .Net 4 beta 2 installed.

Now that the announcement is out of the way we've updated several of the talk descriptions. For example, the talk I'm giving Thursday is actually called Application Server Extensibility with Microsoft .NET 4 and Windows Server AppFabric.

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