What’s New in WCF 4: Alternative List

Aaron Skonnard also has a list going on MSDN of new features for WCF in .Net 4. Our lists are going to look a bit different because I’m covering more, smaller features and Aaron’s list is targeted at beta 1. Some of the topics in the MSDN list though are:

  • Simplified configuration
  • Standard endpoints
  • IIS hosting without an SVC file
  • Discovery
  • Routing service (previously included with Dublin)
  • REST caching and help page
  • Workflow services
  • Non-destructive queue receive
  • Simple byte stream encoding
  • ETW tracing
Comments (4)

  1. Great to finally get some more info on the new features of WCF 4.0.

    However, what I really want to know is: Do we get support for websphere mq ?

  2. Hi Remco,

    A WebSphere MQ transport channel for WCF is included in Host Integration Server 2009.


  3. Thank you for that information.

    The question now becomes: Can I buy one license of HIS2009 and legally use that channel for the dozens of .NET apps we have that have to talk to WebSphere MQ? All those apps need to talk/listen directly to wsmq without the use of any EAI solution. We have no msmq in use so a wsmq-msmq bridge is not not going to solve my problem.

  4. Hi Remco,

    I don’t know much about licensing.  You’d probably need to get in touch with someone that does BizTalk sales.

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