Silverlight 3 Released

The next version of Silverlight is now available. I had a series of articles back in April listing off some of the new features in the beta release including runnning Silverlight applications outside the browser, media features, and of course improvements to the version of WCF we ported to Silverlight. You can read a more detailed list of new features on the Silverlight site.

Comments (3)

  1. Scott Hellewell says:

    My co worker and I both just installed Silverlight 3 tools and now Visual Studio closes when creating a silverlight project.

  2. DS says:

    Yes. Experiencing the same issue. Any help available here?

  3. Thanks for the reports.  I’ll find someone that works on the tools to see what help we can get.  Can you leave me an email address in case we need to followup?  You can use the contact form if you don’t want it in a comment:

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