WCF Tips and Tricks

Christian Weyer has a recent set of presentation slides covering tips and tricks for performance and configuration of WCF applications. I don't think there's a live recording available but the presentation is done in a question and answer format that makes following along with just the slides relatively easy. Source code for samples used in the presentation is also included in the same download. There are actually a few variations of this presentation floating around so I've chosen the one that looks the most comprehensive.

Comments (2)

  1. Smith says:


    In VS 2010 CTP is there an intra-AppDomain binding?

  2. Hi Smith,

    I’d recommend continuing to use named pipes as an intra-appdomain transport.  The cost of passing a message across a service boundary still seems to outweigh the cost of in-process communication over a named pipe for most applications.  More specialized transports would not reduce the first cost so the difference between the two seems small for now.

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