Submit a Session for MIX

The deadline for external presenters to submit their session
ideas for MIX 2009 is January 23rd. You
can send your submissions to Here's what you need to include in the

Title: Ideally, the title is short, catchy, and descriptive

Abstract: One or two sentences that describe what an
attendee would hear and learn in the session

Speaker: Your name

Speaker Bio: A little about who you are and why you're the
perfect person to present the session

Speaker Contact Info: Your e-mail address and phone number

Target Audience: Creative, Technical, or Business

Session Type: Full or Mini

MIX 2009 has introduced a new mini-session format that gives
20 minutes to focus on a specific topic.
These mini-sessions are a complement to the standard 75 minute sessions.

The conference runs March 18-20.

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