Zen of WCF Performance and Scale

While I wait for the title and abstract of my PDC talk to be updated with the correct content, here is what you can expect.

The theme of the talk is obtaining performance and scale from distributed systems built using WCF.

The style of the talk is Zen. At the end of the talk you will understand why things work the way they do and how to spelunk the depths of the system. There will be no graphs or benchmarks.

The level of the talk is 300 and up. You should be comfortable with distributed service design and WCF programming but knowledge of other Microsoft technologies is not required. The advanced listener will appreciate points that others might miss. The pace will be fast. You will be challenged by concepts but not by difficult code listings.

The time and place are unknown, but I think there are only two slots for lunch sessions so that narrows the possibilities down some.

The first part of the talk is an open question session for people to ask about their WCF performance problems. I will bring a few questions with me so that we can get started without having to wait for people to line up. You can submit your question as a comment to this post or using the contact form to be one of those prearranged questions. You don't have to be attending PDC to submit a question. Those attending the talk should think about whether they have a question they want to ask during the session.

The second part of the talk explains how to think about performance. I will introduce the one principle you need to know to understand nearly every aspect of WCF performance. We will get deep into the technology by applying a few basic concepts again and again.

The third part of the talk introduces new features in WCF that will help tackle the problem of building scalable distributed services. You will get just enough of an understanding of these features to start experimenting with the bits on your own. A story will be told.

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  1. Jesse Ezell says:

    I’m certainly looking forward to this talk

  2. I’m probably not going to have too much time to attend talks at PDC, but one talk that would be high

  3. I’m trying to track down a phenomenon I’m seeing.

    I have a service that maintains duplex callback channels to clients that are connected via nettcp.  On scaling out the number of clients, the callback takes, on average, more and more time per call (I’m testing pub/sub to more and more subscribers).  The messages are small, I’m not bandwidth-limited, and I’m not CPU-limited. I’m assuming there is something being syncronized inside WCF, but can’t determine if that’s the issue, or what it is.  I can profile the code, and isolate the latency to the callback call increasing in some ratio with the number of subscribers.  Both the service and callback behaviors are declared multi-threaded.  UseSyncContext is also set to false (although, in this case, I don’t think anything is being provided anyway).

    I won’t be at PDC (boohoo), but I’m hoping you can comment here briefly before/after PDC, or I’ll be able to see the recording after.  Thanks, Nicholas!

  4. P.S. — Regarding the previous scale-issue with multiple subscribers, I’ve got reliable and ordered messaging turned off on the binding.  Just FYI.

  5. flalar says:

    for us not attending PDC. Are you going to be blogging about section two and three before or after the conference?

  6. Hi David and flalar,

    I will make the content in the slides available some time after PDC.  I don’t know how accessible the PDC staff are planning to make the recordings of the talk.

  7. As I mentioned a few days ago, we were tweaking the published details of my talk a bit to better reflect

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