TechEd Developer 2008 First Looks

I noticed the other day that the TechEd sites have started getting an extensive collection of session titles although it looks like no other descriptions are available. I'm just taking a guess about what most of these talks are going to be about, but I'm predicting that this audience will find these talks from the TechEd Developer half of the conference interesting. I haven't tried to figure out the Silverlight talks yet because those are too hard to predict from just the titles.


  • AJAX-Enable Your Windows Communication Foundation Services
  • Building Federated Solutions on the Internet Service Bus
  • Building RESTful Services Using Windows Communication Foundation 3.5
  • Building Secure Web Services Using Windows Communication Foundation
  • Durable Windows Communication Foundation Services
  • Integrating Business Applications with Windows Communication Foundation
  • Productive Windows Communication Foundation
  • Providing Load Balancing, Application-Level Failover, and Centralized Configuration Management with Windows Communication Foundation Services and Microsoft .NET Applications


  • Building Human Workflows with Windows Workflow Foundation State Machines
  • Getting Workflows Running and Talking in Your Applications


  • Degrees of Freedom Port Binding in Microsoft BizTalk Server
  • Microsoft BizTalk in the Supply Chain: Providing Supply Chain Visibility with EDI and Business Activity Monitoring
  • Windows Communication Foundation Adapters in Microsoft BizTalk Server 2006 R2
  • Framework and Microsoft BizTalk Best Practices with an Eye Toward "Oslo"


  • What's New with Windows CardSpace in the Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5
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