Scott Guthrie Talks MIX

Channel 9 has a new video interview with Scott Guthrie talking about IIS, MIX, Silverlight 2.0, and other topics. The interview is split into two parts although it's really the same conversation.

  1. Scott Guthrie: What's Coming for Mix, Part 1: IIS7 for Developers

  2. Scott Guthrie: What's Coming for Mix, Part 2: Windows, Web, and RIA

The first part is about 15 minutes while the second part is about 45 minutes.

The topics are mixed up throughout the interview but Part 1 and the first 15 minutes of Part 2 are mostly about IIS while the rest of Part 2 is mostly about MIX and Silverlight.

For more information about MIX, visit the MIX 2008 website.

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