2007 Year in Review

The year in review comes at the end of December rather than
the beginning of January this year. Another
year has gone by, with 250 articles posted so far (exactly as many as were
posted during all of last year). Counting
today and four more to come by the end of the year, the total for the year will
be 255 articles and a grand total of 505 articles overall. 397 of those articles are directly about WCF. Due to holidays there will be no posts on
Monday December 24th, Tuesday December 25th, or Tuesday January 1st.

The top articles of all time are listed in the sidebar but
here are the most read articles of 2007 and the most read articles written in

Most Read Articles During 2007

  1. Configuring
    HTTP for Windows Vista
  2. Inside the
    Standard Bindings: NetTcp
  3. Net.Tcp Port
    Sharing Sample, Part 1
  4. Inside the
    Standard Bindings: BasicHttp
  5. How to:
    Enabling Streaming
  6. Preventing
    Anonymous Access
  7. Net.Tcp Port
    Sharing Sample, Part 2
  8. Making Sense
    of Transport Quotas
  9. MSMQ
    and Poison Messages
  10. Configuring

Most Read Articles Written in 2007

  1. Preventing
    Anonymous Access
  2. MSMQ
    and Poison Messages
  3. Designing
    New Faults
  4. Orcas
    Beta 1 Released
  5. Client
    IP Address
  6. Enabling
    Kerberos in IIS
  7. Using
    XML Serialization with WCF
  8. WCF
    Case Studies
  9. A
    Trick with Faults (Discussion)
  10. Getting
    the Client Identity

The feedback that the article on client IP addresses got directly
contributed to that feature being added in Orcas. You have to speak up if you want things to

Comments (1)

  1. How often does authorization occur? Authorization is typically scoped to either messages or sessions.

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