Silent Security Failures

I'm using reliable messaging and getting an exception that the reliable session has faulted. It's the first exception that I see so I don't know why the session faulted. How do I know what went wrong? Here's the full error message:

The underlying secure session has faulted before the reliable session fully completed. The reliable session was faulted.

The reliable messaging channel threw an exception because the reliable session was broken. The reliable session was broken because the security session was broken. In this case, you know that the security session was broken without seeing any other exceptions being thrown. That means the security channel must have faulted without encountering an exceptional event, which triggered all of the other visible results.

The easiest way to debug a situation like this is to start removing extraneous pieces. Try removing the reliable messaging channel and see if that allows whatever went wrong with the security session to bubble up. If things immediately fail at startup, then try removing both the reliable messaging and security channels. There may be something basic about your configuration that's incorrect and removing protocol layers will help you find that faster.

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