Channel Shapes

I was looking through the archives the other day and found that the original article on channel shapes is actually still accurate despite having come out a year ago. It's interesting to step forward in time and watch as things become more and more like what actually was released. I've done similar walks through a longer history of the product, although you have to patiently track through whole concepts appearing and disappearing.

In celebration of this bit of history, I decided to let last year's article stand. I did have a new picture in the channel dev tour drawing style that I wanted to include though.

: I'm not sure when the count got off track, but this article turned out to be a day later than one year. Fortunately, now that the product is out, the things that I'm writing about are unlikely to change on a daily basis.

Next time: Extracting Content Types

Comments (3)

  1. We’ve been looking at the flow of messages ( Part 1 and Part 2 ), but have never stopped along the way

  2. This pair of articles marks the checkpoint between the "big picture" introductory segments and the segments

  3. The snippet below might not be for the faint hearted. Primarily since its quite gory wcf. I realized

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