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I still get a lot of hits for the series of documentation articles I did back in April and May. All of these articles are now in the Windows SDK, which is where you should go if you want to get the latest version with updates. I don't make any changes to the old entries. If you need the updated versions, you should get the SDK or check out the linked articles online. [Update] I should also mention that the community site has the absolute latest versions of these articles available as Documentation CTPs.

Making Sense of Transport Quotas. This was the first article I did about configuring quota settings and it continues to be the most popular in the series. It's now available as Transport Quotas.

How to: Enabling Streaming. After some revision this ended up just being a topic about streaming and dropped the "How to" portion. It's now available as Enabling Streaming. There's a separate placeholder for someone to eventually write the "How to" of it.

Configuring HTTP. The second most popular article in the series, this is really more of an overview of configuring the http.sys driver. It's now available as Configuring HTTP and HTTPS.

Configuring WCF for NATs and Firewalls. This started as a series of articles about NATs and firewalls that got merged together. It's now available as Working with NATs and Firewalls.

Using Impersonation with Transport Security. The first of two topics about transport security, it's survived essentially unchanged.

Understanding HTTP Authentication. The second of the transport security topics, it also is essentially unchanged.

Choosing a Transport. This was sitting around in several pieces until Clemens Vasters needed some material for a talk. I put together the article and liked it enough to add it to the SDK.

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