Tech Ed 2006, Day 4 (Thursday)

Thursday was the last day for the exhibition booths so it was everyone's final chance to grab free items. Personally, I don't take home a lot of stuff when I travel because of the hassle of getting it on a plane and home. There are some people that do not see this as an obstacle. In the exhibition area, there were beanbag lounges set up for relaxing and using the wireless network. At the end of the show, the organizers gave away the beanbag chairs. If you're flying next to someone who is trying to put a beanbag in the overhead bin of the plane, ask if they got it at Tech Ed.

I realized that I mentioned the demo stations yesterday without showing what those looked like.

The kiosks are basically a computer, monitor, and whiteboard assembled together that lets the team show off some demo application. This one shows Elliot Waingold demonstrating the IndiEnterprise demo for WCF. IndiEnterprise is a collection of web services for an order processing system that uses a variety of bindings and WCF features. There's an animated frontend just so that you can see something happening when messages are sent. The number one question that I got about IndiEnterprise is whether WCF automatically visualizes your network infrastructure and message tracking. Um, sorry, it's just a demo.

More great chalks including these two on BizTalk adapters and Workflow extensibility.

I'm going to tally all the estimates I made, but it looks like the Workflow talks were the best attended of all of our chalk talks. They had a lot of sessions that were packed out of the theater area and into the discussion area.

In the afternoon, I went out to some of the breakout sessions. Clemens Vasters had one on the selection of WCF bindings for different architectures. The gimmick that he used was to present a particular application and then use his tablet to draw an architecture and talk about which bindings you should think about using. It was an interesting idea but the handwriting was hard to read from the back of the room.

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