Global Development and Deployment Conference 2006?

In 2004, Microsoft held its first ever Global Development and Deployment Conference (GDDC 2004).  It was dedicated to the development and deployment of international solutions using Microsoft technologies. It featured sessions on creating solutions that are localizable and easily adapted for sale and deployment all over the world.  Besides the classes, the other feature we had at the conferences that went over well was we had many Microsoft people there that either dealt with these issues or were the developers of the technology.

With the release of many products over the next 12 months, we believe that it is time to hold another GDDC in 2006.  Of course it will cover international development and deployment of products like Windows Vista, Visual studio 2005, SQL 2005, Office 12 and others, but to help meet your needs, we would like to hear from you on what subjects you would like to see at a conference like this.

Please send your input to my e-mail address at  I would appreciate it very much.

Dr. Intl


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