Web Sandbox available under the Apache License

Earlier today we announced releasing the runtime code of the Web Sandbox available under the Open Source Apache License 2.0. The announcement has already been picked up by the blogosphere. Should you head over to the site check out the Web Slices samples we added with this release: weather and traffic.


Live Labs Thumbtack and Seadragon Mobile

By now this is already old news, but here it goes. Last week Live Labs released two cool projects: On Wednesday 12/10, Thumbtack. I’ve seen demos of this project since it had a different name, and have discussed it with some of the folks who came up with the idea. Probably the fastest way to…


Web Sandbox in Azure Color

Earlier today we rolled out an updated version of Live Labs Web Sandbox CTP, a technology for securing Web 2.0 through virtualization. This update incorporates new features on several fronts (more on that elsewhere). In this post I’d like to call out a new option for hosting the transformation component: the cloud, or more precisely…


Live Labs Web Sandbox

Earlier today we launched a technology preview for Web Sandbox, a project aimed at securing Web 2.0. The Sandbox applies techniques from programming languages to inject an interception layer that in effect virtualizes the execution of untrusted code in the browser. Among other interesting things the interception layer also gives us an opportunity to normalize…


ICWSM 2008

One of the things that surprised me at OOPSLA 2007 was the amount of traction that social media is getting. The crowd attending the 2007 WikiSym was larger than other co-located events that I remember from past OOPSLAs. Consequently I decided (with encouragement from my colleague Matt Hurst) to attend the International Conference on Weblogs…


Volta: The Power of Lingua Franca

Earlier today we released the Live Labs Volta Technology Preview. There are already a few blog posts covering Volta from several team members, including Danny van Velzen, Harish Kantamneni, Jeffrey van Gogh, and Wes Dyer; Erik Meijer also posted an entry on Lambda-the-ultimate. Here I’d like to clarify an aspect that is starting to come…