From VSIP Diaries….

Wish you all VS extenders a belated Merry Christmas. As usual I am a little late and my apologies for that. I hope you had a merry Christmas and a great time with your family and friends. I had a great time too. However, I will remember this season for one problem that kept me intrigued for quite…

From VSIP Diaries….

Q. How to get notifications in editor when the file is modified outside of the editor?   A. You ask why care about it. Well if you care about being notified when the file changed on disk outside of Visual Studio. This gives you the opportunity to update the file contents if the file is…

Howdy! What’s up with VSA?

Hi, Firs of let me tell what I have been upto lately. I am heads down working on the cool new Visual SDK 2005. I am pretty sure you folks have downloaded it and found it useful. Believe me it only gets better. Now that we are very close to Release of Visual Studio 2005…


Have you had fun with Fonts and Colors yet?

Believe me I and many others have had a tough time figuring out how to consume and extend Visual Studio’s Fonts and Color options. It is one of those important features that has no to very little documentation in VSIP 2003. Let’s take a look at how easily we can extend this feature and use…


Providing upgrade support for Project systems targeting Visual Studio 2005

(This article applies strictly to Visual Studio 2005) Project Upgrade Architecture The project systems can either choose to support upgrade or not support it at all. If the project system chooses to support upgrade then the project system implementation needs to define/implement an upgrade strategy for it to behave consistently for single and multi project solutions…

How do I implement VSIP commands that support arguments?

This question was recently posted on the microsoft.public.vstudio.extensibility newsgroup by our good friend Mark Conway over at Micro Focus. After a bit of source code diving and investigation by our support staff, the doctor decided this might make a good blog entry.   This is one of those topics that just simply didn’t make it…

Deploying Managed VSIP Packages(Re-post)

First of all, the doctor apologizes if he has misdirected some of you with his earlier post on this topic. I realized that there were major discrepancies in the approach that I had recommended. I have removed the earlier post since and am reposting the topic with required changes. I deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused….


Serve it up….

          Did you watch the Australian Open Final? It was a great game. At the beginning I thought Hewitt had it all figured out. With Safin not able to capitalize on his fast and impeccable services, I was putting my money on Hewitt (figuratively speaking). I am glad I did not do it for real….