Learn DQS in a day from the DQS Product Team

We bring you five Data Quality Services (DQS) training videos that provide in-depth information about DQS and ways in which it can benefit your business. These videos were recorded during a 1-day internal DQS training provided by the DQS product team. We recommend that you view the videos in the sequence they are listed here:

  • Data Quality Basics and Introducing DQS: Video | Slides
  • Knowledge Management and Data Cleansing in DQS: Video | Slides
  • Data Matching in DQS: Video | Slides
  • DQS Integration with SSIS: Data Cleansing using SSIS: Video | Slides
  • DQS Integration with MDS: Data Matching using MDS: Video | Slides

The best part with these recorded training sessions is that you can learn DQS from anywhere, and at your own pace and convenience by pausing at will and taking time to assimilate information, watching a part multiple times if it’s difficult to understand in the first go, and stopping altogether to take a break if it’s getting too much to handle 🙂

We hope that you will enjoy learning from these videos as much as we did while delivering and recording this training for you.

- DQS Team

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