I’m back

I'm very sorry for being quiet for such a long time. We had a coding milestone and I spent most of that time designing and implementing new importing functionality that we are going to use in the next release of Dynamics AX.

I will soon finish the SysTest series with the post about CodeCoverage. Later I will continue describing other tools we built on top of SysTest for our internal development.

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  1. axcoder says:

    It is very interesting. I am sorry for repetitive post, but how do you manage ititial state of the database? For example, when you are testing invoice posting, it relies on lots of settings – how do you manage this settings?

    What is done when someone need to change this predefault settings or settings structure is going to be changed?

  2. dpokluda says:

    We have a shared DataHelper class (per feature team). This class is responsible for managing data (creation, deletion, etc.). If the amount of data to be created is rather small then we call this class methods right from test class setup and tearDown methods.

    If on the other hand the amount of data is pretty big and there is a chance that the data can be reused by multiple classes then we create a test suite and call the class methods from suite setup and tearDown. For more information about this see Part IV.: Test/Suite initialization.

    Actually to be totally honest we have something pretty smart. Our data helper class can actually track all the records that were created during the test execution and then at the end it will delete all such created records.


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