SysTest part V.: Test execution (results, runners and listeners)

In the series of previous posts I’ve covered TestClasses and TestSuites. You should already know how to create a TestClass and how to group your tests in TestSuites. In this post I’ll try to cover the test execution environment. Results and Runners You probably remember the following code: static void RunSimpleTests(Args _args) { SysTestSuite suite =…


SysTest on Channel9

Michael Fruergaard Pontoppidan demonstrates how to use SysTest in this Channel9 video: Dynamics AX 4.0 – Unit testing


SysTest part IV.: Test/Suite initialization and cleaning; Execution isolation

We already know how to create test suites. Today I would like to cover some additional reasons for creating test suites: initialization, cleaning and test execution isolation. Initialization and Clean up As long as our test class contains just one test method everything is fine. In that method we include all preparation steps as well…


Outbound web service (AIF)

In this post I’ll try to demonstrate how to use AIF outbound web service adapter. I’ll begin with building a sample web service implementing AIF SendMessage “interface”. We will validate the web service by building a test. For the end-to-end test we will need to deploy the web service to a real IIS server. When…