Unit testing in DynamicsAX

Microsoft DynamicsAX 4.0 introduced a new development feature to MorphX -- UnitTesting. The framework is named SysTest and is very similar to all traditional UnitTesting frameworks. In a series a posts I will try to explain SysTest and I will show samples demonstrating how to work with the framework.

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  1. In this post I will try to describe exceptions handling using SysTest.

    Very often applications…

  2. In the next series of posts I will demonstrate and explain some of the basic as well as some more advanced…

  3. Overview

    I am a big fan of TestDrivenDevelopment and I am trying to follow this approach for all my…

  4. Ruslan says:

    Great job!!!

    Extreamely clear picture of UTF was given. A huge quantity of examples. Thanks a lot.

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