Prism Template Pack 1.4: Now with MEF Support!

Quite a few folks have asked for MEF versions of the Prism templates. I’m happy to announce that the Prism Template Pack has now been updated to include MEF (as well as Unity) templates.You can download the latest version of the template pack (version 1.4) from here [Updated Link]. You can read the release notes here….


Closable Tabbed Views in Prism

Prism regions make it easy to change the layout of views within an application. A region is a logical placeholder associated with a specific layout control. Displaying a view in a region causes the view to be added to the layout control. But because the region and the layout control are loosely coupled, you can…


Prism 4.0 Template Pack Now Available

The updated version of the Prism Template Pack for Prism 4.0 is now available here! The Prism 4.0 Template Pack contains Prism shell and module project templates and a quick-start solution template which creates a multi-project solution with a shell and two modules. All templates are available for both Silverlight and WPF and for C#…


Prism 4.0 – Have Your Say!

We are just about to officially kick off the Prism 4.0 project. As we’ve done for previous Prism projects, we’ve put together a short survey to try and get community input on the focus and direction of the project. You can find the survey here. One of the key questions that we’d like to get…


Prism Template Pack for Visual Studio 2010

Now that we have Release Candidate versions of Visual Studio 2010, as well as WPF and Silverlight 4.0, I’ve updated the Prism Templates so that you can more easily develop Prism applications that target these latest releases. The templates themselves are similar to those I released a while back – there are templates for Shell…


Prism – A Look Ahead

We (meaning the Patterns & Practices Client Team) have have just published a post (here) on the P&P team blog that describes our plans for Prism. The post answers two of the most frequently asked questions that we get on Prism: Can I use Prism for WPF/Silverlight 4.0 development? What’s going to be in Prism…


Prism Quick Start Kit Update

As promised, I have updated the Prism Quick Start Kit and added a WPF quick-start solution and WPF project templates. You can download the latest release here. In the zip you’ll find four project templates (Shell and Module templates for WPF and Silverlight) and two quick-start solutions, one each for WPF and Silverlight. To install…


Prism Training Course

David Platt of Rolling Thunder has just announced another 3 day Prism training course to be held July 7th-9th. You can find all of the details here. It’s web delivered so you don’t even have to travel! It looks like it covers a lot of material – there’s a detailed syllabus here – from the…


Prism 2.0 Refresh

We just posted a refresh to the Prism 2.0 bits. You can download the latest release from the same location on MSDN here. The recent release of the GDR update to Silverlight 2.0 (which takes Silverlight from version 2.0.31005 to version 2.0.40115) causes a problem when building the Composite.Silverlight.Tests project. This issue only affects the…


Prism 2.0 Is Live!

WooHoo! Prism 2.0 is done and is now live on MSDN! You can access the Prism 2.0 documentation here, and download the code from here. Prism is a library of patterns that help you build robust, flexible and modular WPF and Silverlight applications. These patterns also support unit testing, separation of concerns, loose coupling and…