New Download Location

A number of folks have contacted me asking where they can download Helix, the Prism Template Pack or the Prism Tabbed Interface Sample now that we no longer use the ISP that was hosting these files.  I’m happy to report that I have (at last!) moved these files to Azure so you can download them again. Here…


Custom Content Loaders in Silverlight 4.0

Silverlight 3.0 supports navigation by providing a Frame control into which you can load various pages as the user clicks on hyperlink controls in the application’s UI. Each page is specified by a Uri. As navigation takes place, the browser’s history and address bar is updated with this Uri. This allows the user to use…


The Breadcrumb Navigation Pattern

The Breadcrumb Navigation pattern provides a visual representation of the path the user took as they navigated to a particular state in an application. It provides context so the user can see where they are logically within the application structure, and it allows them to quickly navigate that structure by jumping straight to previous breadcrumbs….


Blend Behaviors

Expression Blend 3 includes a number of very cool new features (see here for a good summary). But there are two that I think are particularly important – SketchFlow Rapid Prototyping, and Blend Behaviors. I’ll cover SketchFlow in some depth in a future post. In this post I’m going to talk about Blend behaviors and…


ViewModel and Dependency Injection

In my last post – Silverlight Navigation Part 3 – I outlined a mechanism whereby you could navigate to a View and have the application create and wire up the associated ViewModel automatically. I also showed the inverse of this, where you could navigate to a ViewModel and have the application automatically create and wire…


Silverlight Navigation Part 3

Welcome to the third post in my series on navigation in Silverlight! The goal of this series of posts is to provide a simple to use framework (called Helix) for building Silverlight applications that are based on a flexible navigation mechanism and the ViewModel separated presentation pattern. This post is long and was a tough…


Mix 09!

Mix 09 starts today! There have been a number of key announcements made at Mix, especially concerning Silverlight 3.0 and Blend 3.0. If you are at all interested in Web and Silverlight development then be sure to check out the "Gu’s" keynote highlights here. The next releases of Silverlight and Blend have lots of interesting…


Silverlight Navigation – Part 2

Welcome to the second in my short series of articles on navigation in Silverlight! In the first article I introduced the core Helix navigation framework and illustrated how the three main classes – Form, NavigationPage, and NavigationLink – could be used to support simple navigation scenarios in Silverlight. In this article I’ll be adding to…


Silverlight Navigation – Part 1

This is the first in a short series of articles on navigation in Silverlight. Navigation is an often neglected but critical part of an application’s design. From a usability perspective, structuring the application so that the user can easily and intuitively access its various features, functions and data is hugely important. From a development perspective,…