Prism & WCF RIA Services

Back in August I did a post that described how you could use .NET RIA Services and Prism together. That post, and the associated sample app, was based on the .NET RIA Services July CTP. .NRS –> WRS A couple of weeks ago at PDC those terribly nice RIA Services chaps released a Beta version,…


The Breadcrumb Navigation Pattern

The Breadcrumb Navigation pattern provides a visual representation of the path the user took as they navigated to a particular state in an application. It provides context so the user can see where they are logically within the application structure, and it allows them to quickly navigate that structure by jumping straight to previous breadcrumbs….


The Application Architecture Guide 2.0 Is Here!

The Application Architecture Guide 2nd Edition is finally available! The complete guide is hosted on MSDN here. We’ve sent the guide off to MS Press for printing, so the printed version should be available from your favorite bookstore soon. Since the final draft of guide was published on CodePlex early this year, we’ve been busy…


Blend Behaviors

Expression Blend 3 includes a number of very cool new features (see here for a good summary). But there are two that I think are particularly important – SketchFlow Rapid Prototyping, and Blend Behaviors. I’ll cover SketchFlow in some depth in a future post. In this post I’m going to talk about Blend behaviors and…


Prism Training Classes

Due to popular demand, and hopefully signs of a recovering economy, the Rolling Thunder chaps are running another online Prism training course. It’s a 3 day course and runs from October 27th to the 29th. Full details here:


Prism And .Net RIA Services

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been working on a sample that shows how you can use Prism and .Net RIA Services (I’m going to call it .NRS for short) together. In this post I’m going to walk you through the sample and show how you can structure a Prism & .NRS solution that…


Prism Quick Start Kit Update

As promised, I have updated the Prism Quick Start Kit and added a WPF quick-start solution and WPF project templates. You can download the latest release here. In the zip you’ll find four project templates (Shell and Module templates for WPF and Silverlight) and two quick-start solutions, one each for WPF and Silverlight. To install…


Prism Training Course

David Platt of Rolling Thunder has just announced another 3 day Prism training course to be held July 7th-9th. You can find all of the details here. It’s web delivered so you don’t even have to travel! It looks like it covers a lot of material – there’s a detailed syllabus here – from the…


Prism Quick Start Kit

Building applications from scratch starting from a blank page or screen in Visual Studio is a frustrating, time consuming and intimidating task. Instead, most developers like to start with a working application that they can modify, tweak and extend to suit their needs. Far too often though, developers take a demo or a sample as…


ViewModel and Dependency Injection

In my last post – Silverlight Navigation Part 3 – I outlined a mechanism whereby you could navigate to a View and have the application create and wire up the associated ViewModel automatically. I also showed the inverse of this, where you could navigate to a ViewModel and have the application automatically create and wire…