Updated Prism Template Pack for Visual Studio 2010 RTM

Well it took longer than I thought it would, but I’ve finally managed to update the Prism Template Pack for Visual Studio 2010 RTM!!!

To install the templates, download the template pack from here, rename the file extension from .zip to .vsix, then double click it. You’ll be presented with the license. Once you accept everything will be installed into the Visual Studio Extension Manager. If you already have the RC version installed, it should be updated automatically.

If you used the Release Candidate release of the Template Pack, you’ll notice a few updates in this version:

  • Both Visual C# and Visual Basic templates are now provided!!!
  • The templates have been updated to target Prism 2.2 (available here), which uses the latest Unity 2.0 and EntLib 5.0 releases.
  • Some folks reported problems installing the templates. It seems these problems were due to long path names in the vsix package. I’ve shortened the paths so hopefully this issue is now resolved. (Many thanks to Silverlight Dude for figuring this out!!!)
  • I’ve also fixed a few minor bugs, and updated the readme files to cover the use of Unity 2.0 and EntLib 5.0. Apart from that, everything should work as before…

Now With Visual Basic Templates!!!

The biggest new feature of course, is that the Template Pack now provides Visual Basic .NET templates as well as C#. This was one of the reasons why it took me so long to update the templates – my VB was a bit rusty 🙂


Please give them a whirl and let me know what you think. If there are no problems, I’ll post them up onto the Visual Studio Gallery.

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  1. A V says:

    Is it possible to use this template with Visual Studio Web Dev Express?

  2. Matt says:


    Thanks for posting these up.  I was able to download them and create a template solution however when I try to run it I'm getting a

    Microsoft JScript runtime error: Unhandled Error in Silverlight Application

    Code: 2104    

    Category: InitializeError      

    Message: Could not download the Silverlight application. Check web server settings    

    Any ideas?

  3. ola_lawal says:

    awesome update David and thanks 1000 times for adding vb.net templates it seems like us vb programmers are a dying breed , your prsim templates are a god send.  I am currently trying to train myself on silverlight RIAA MVC and MVVM to update my own and a few other websites and I absolutley love the modularity of prism and MVVM.  It really changes the way we think about web applications going forward ina good way.  Thanks again David !

  4. Ola Lawal says:

    one quick question David , In the prism 4.0 release there are alot of quickstarts, all of which are in c#, The quickstart template I am really interested in is the BasicMVVM quickstart template which differs from the templates you published in that it also provides a viewmodel base class that implements the INotifyDataErrorInfo interface to provide robust error handling.  Is there any chance that you could either convert these quickstarts to vb.net or better yet implement the viewmodel base class into  your quickstart silverlight and wpf module for 4.0 ?

    thanks and even if you can't great work on those templates

  5. ola lawal says:

    Matt, if you are having probems check to make sure the web application the template is hosted in has refrences to all the modules not just the shells.  i.e there should be a xap file in the client bin for all modules that you have as part of the composite application.  You can resolve this by right clicking on the properties for the web application then checking the Silverlight applications tab

  6. Matt says:

    @Ola Lawal you rock!!!  It worked.

  7. ola_lawal says:

    glad i could help Matt !

  8. PowderGoblin says:

    For me checking all references in Web->Project Dependencies did not work out. In my case I also needed to go to DblClick the Web.Properties->SilverLight Applications->Then I added Shell, Module1, Module2.

  9. ola_lawal says:

    using David's prisim templates I am working on a vb.net/c# line of business style template with dynamic module loading and all with multiple independent shells.  I am using event aggregration from another blog to handle the transitions from one shell to the next.  

  10. Frank says:

    In Prism WPF 4.0 QuickStart Solution, the Shell shouldn’t have reference to Modules.

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