Prism 4.0 – Have Your Say!

We are just about to officially kick off the Prism 4.0 project. As we’ve done for previous Prism projects, we’ve put together a short survey to try and get community input on the focus and direction of the project. You can find the survey here.

One of the key questions that we’d like to get feedback on, is whether we should solely target .NET 4.0 and Silverlight 4.0, or whether we should also target .NET 3.5 SP1 and Silverlight 3.0. I’m sure there are many folks who have existing solutions and would like to take advantage of Prism 4.0. But, there are significant new features in .NET/SL 4.0 (such as the Managed Extensibility Framework) that greatly simplify app development.

Focusing on .NET/SL 4.0 would also allow us to greatly simplify Prism, which in turn would allow us to cover additional areas of guidance. The survey describes a number of these potential areas, including security, data/service access, designer-developer workflow, design-time support, out-of-browser applications, UI patterns, navigation, etc.

As you can see, there are a lot of areas that we could provide guidance on but we can’t tackle them all. We need to hear from you so that we can prioritize appropriately. So please take the survey and let us know what you think are the most important aspects for us to focus on.

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  1. I’m making the switch to 4.0.  I was waiting for betas .NET/VS2010 to complete.

    BTW:  This is a godsend, thank you.

  2. GregDobbs says:

    My vote is to focus on .Net 4.0 / SL 4.0. No sense delaying new initiatives simply for the sake of backwards compatibility when it’s unlikely anyone will even use those legacy features.

  3. BenHayat says:

    David, don’t even bother with .Net 3.x. We went through that decision last year with RIA Services and that was the best thing we did. Just shoot for .Net 4.0.

    Any new updates what features were decided from tthe survey?



  4. Are there any informations on when Prism 4.0 would be available? Should I wait more with development of my WPF accounting application i am building on or start developing using Prism 2? Will there will be some guidance on how to migrate from V2 to V4 (considering potential differences between them)?

  5. Andrew Lawrance says:


    My vote is also to focus on .NET 4.0, but, I would implore you to consider adding some backwards compatibility within the PRISM codebase for WinForms.

    Inspired by Brian Noyes I have modified Composite.Presentation.Desktop and Composite.UnityExtensions.Desktop so that they build based on a WINFORMS conditional compilation symbol. For this to compile I have added pseudo WindowsBase classes for DependencyObject, DependencyProperty, FrameworkElement etc with just enough implementation for the Regions and Commands to work properly.

    My clients still strictly use WinForms. I was near completion of a CAB framework to ease future technical debt when I took my first look at PRISM – it is so much lighter and easier to use (especially for my client's developers) than the CAB. The only problem with PRISM is that it is tightly coupled to WPF.

    Whilst the conditional compile I mention above is definitely a work-around for WinForms, I and possibly many other developers would benefit from this sort of work-around being added to future versions of PRISM.

    I am quite happy to upload my modified projects to anyone who is interested although I am still in the process of adding more region adapters.


  6. Dat Huynh says:

    We should not consider Prism alone but also need to sync with RIA/SL4 and RIA with EntityFramework 4 and of course with VS2010. Also I discover that Prism templates is not also for VS2010 pro/premium but only for ultimate version, why so. So let's keep moving forward, if one wants better features with .Net4

    then leave 3.5 behind.


  7. Thankyou everyone for all of your comments – WPF 4.0 and SL 4.0 it is then!

    Ben – Yes, now that we're underway on the Prism 4.0 project we'll publish the survey results, probably on the Prism CodePlex site.

    Nikola – We're targeting September for the final release of Prism 4.0. We'll be dropping code and content on CodePlex every two weeks or so between now and then though. We'll provide migration guidance to help folks upgrade to Prism 4.0.

    Andrew – It's unlikely we'll be able to include WinForm integration in the main Prism project, but there may be opportunities to work on this as a contrib project. Brian is part of the Prism virtual team so maybe we can get him to help on this.

    Dat – Yes, we're looking at including some guidance on WCF RIA Services and WCF Data Services, which may well bring in some Entity Framework guidance. For the templates, I am just about to post an update for VS 2010 RTM which will work with Pro and Premium editions.


  8. Bapatla says:

    Hi All: Close all the vs ide sessions and copy  all the prism zip files to

    C:Documents and Settingsbapatia.RADSMy DocumentsVisual Studio 2010TemplatesItemTemplatesVisual C#Prism1033


    C:Documents and Settingsbapatia.RADSMy DocumentsVisual Studio 2010TemplatesProjectTemplatesVisual C#


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