Prism 2.0 Refresh

We just posted a refresh to the Prism 2.0 bits. You can download the latest release from the same location on MSDN here.

The recent release of the GDR update to Silverlight 2.0 (which takes Silverlight from version 2.0.31005 to version 2.0.40115) causes a problem when building the Composite.Silverlight.Tests project. This issue only affects the unit tests and there is no change required to the core library or any of the quick-starts or the reference implementation. The issue was due to an incorrect path in one of the batch files in the unit test project. You can read more details on the issue here.

While we were refreshing the bits, we thought we'd also slip in a fix to a recently reported issue with view activation in tabbed regions. This issue caused a difference in behavior between Prism 1.0 and 2.0. You can read the details here. This issue has been fixed with the refreshed release.

We also just released a PDF version of the Prism 2.0 documentation so you can print it more easily. You can download the PDF file from here.

Coming Soon! We are working on Visual Basic versions of the quick-starts and documentation. I'll post more details once we've released these in the next week or so...

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