Things to be thankful for in .NET

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No.8 is good, but No.3 is better 🙂


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  1. mslyh says:

    Here is a list of my top 11 C# compiler warnings. Enjoy! 🙂

    11) WARNING: Only 5% of your current code will be portable to the Open Source version of .NET (code named Mono). This percentage will decrease even further with the next version of .NET. You get what you pay for!

    10) WARNING: Implementing your own Win32 message loop for a Windows Form really defeats the purpose of using .NET in the first place.

    9) WARNING: Placing your own initials in a comment header at the top of each module you change may come back to haunt you. Instead, always use your boss’ initials.

    8) WARNING: Although C# allows code blocks to be marked as "unsafe", we call them "unsafe" for a reason. You appear to have ignored this subtle hint so we are taking this opportunity to warn you a second time.

    7) WARNING: You appear to have marked your entire application as "unsafe". You may want to consider printing a consumer warning label on your software packaging. As a side note, nobody ever reads the Licensing Agreement so a more visible location may offer better legal protection.

    6) WARNING: Declaring variables as "Int32" everywhere instead of "int" is just plain annoying. Please stop it.

    5) WARNING: Although the use of the Internet Explorer Web Browser control is currently the only way to show HTML content on a Windows Form, its use is not recommended. Do we really need to say why?

    4) WARNING: Despite the fact that most programming books leave it out, structured error handling is considered to be a good programming practice.

    3) WARNING: Drag and drop database programming using the data components is only intended for newbies writing trivial applications. A project containing 400,000+ lines of code is not considered trivial. Please consider implementing an actual data layer in your project.

    2) WARNING: Please do not contact Technical Support about this warning. Instead, send all correspondence to Adding this warning was his brilliant idea.

    1) WARNING: is not a valid email address. All spam sent to this email address will be forwarded to

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