TechEd 2004

I'm going to TechEd this year! I have never been to San Diego before but I have seen Shamu, or one of them anyway. I'm doing a session on Smart Client Architecture which will form part of an unofficial 'virtual' track of sessions on Smart Clients...

  • Tim Huckaby's up first with “Smart Clients: Architecting and Building in .NET“ (DEV362) on the Monday,

  • Then its my slot “Smart Clients: Architecture Principles“ (ARC 305) on the Tuesday,

  • Then Scott Stanfield has a session “Smart Clients: Build It Today with Windows Forms“ (DEV360) on the Wednesday.

  • And Brenton Webster has a Smart Client case study session “Smart Clients in a Service-Oriented World: Thomson Financial Case Study“ (ARC308) also on the Wednesday.

A Smart Client Fest!

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