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“Code for one. Reach them all. “, is the global developer code for Windows 10.

It is known for everyone that Microsoft has not been creating buzz as Apple and Google during the last decade. Microsoft has not been the cool company young professionals my age prefer to work for above Apple and Google. We haven’t been the favorite of the media either. But one things is for sure, Microsoft has not lost its significance, rather underrated.

February of last year, our current CEO Satya Nadella was named to lead the company in this Mobile First, Cloud First world.
Since, change has started to evolve. We are starting to gain that cool image back.

Below you can find the Top 10 brands by Brandz presented on The Financial Times.

Microsoft ranking third this year 2015 seems to be a good starting point.

For me, "the game changer"  was the announcement of the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Just the word “universal” defines the reach of this incentive and the openness it entails. To put a figure on it, 1 000 000 000 – a billion devices running on Windows 10 in two to three years from now.

I kept on reading articles in the internet about market feedback, tech reviews, not the least what Universal Windows Platform really is about and its implications to the ecosystem. I must admit as a non techie, making a breakdown of these terminologies or rather “developer language” was not easy at all. It made my brain bleed!

Taking the liberty compiling headlines that surface around Windows 10 made no surprise finding developers in the center point. As our former CEO Steve Ballmer once said, “ Developers, developers, developers “. It’s all about you guys whether you are an Android-, iOS- or Windows developer. You make technology companies obsess about you!

What does Universal Windows Platform(Bridges) mean for app developers?

-       “Project Astoria” will enable Developers to build apps using Android code to target Windows 10 devices without having to leave your Android IDE.

-       “Project Islandwood” will enable Developers to import Xcode project into Visual Studio, tailor the app experience to run on each Windows device family.

-       “Project Centennial” will make it possible to package and publish your current .NET and Win32-based Windows applications to the Windows Store, providing a new way of distributing and monetizing your application on Windows PCs

-        Bottomline 1 000 000 000 devices, two – three years from now.



For now, we recommend you to take a look at this WINDOWS 10 - THE ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR DEVELOPERS containing 22 series that brings developers step by step in building apps on devices running Windows 10. The video is divided into different segments for your freedom to choose your topic of interest. Rewind, fast forward, pause or skip is totally fine 🙂




For a bigger picture of Windows 10 (Open source, IoT and Edge) roadmap, watch this video delivered by the men behind the products.




29th of July 2015, Wednesday – Reserve your Windows 10

Explore Your homepage Windows Dev Center.


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