From Idea to cloud

Let’s say you have an idea for a new website, and you want to make it happen right then and there. Here’s what you do:

Spin up a WebApp!

Point your favourite browser to and sign in with your Azure user. Once done, click on the big ‘+’ down at the lower left of the screen to create a new WebApp:

Click to create a new Azure resource

Select “Web+Mobile” and hit “Web App” to get started

Select WebApp to host your new website

And that’s it. You now have somewhere to host your website! Want to get rid of it? Just delete it! Choose the appropriate pricing tier, anywhere from free to what you need. If you’re a MSDN subscriber, or a BizSparker  you have ten free websites that you can deploy to before it runs you any kind of cost. Super!

That easy, huh, but how do I deploy my website??

Well, that’s even easier, you probaly have a WebProject going in Visual Studio, what you do is simply this:

1.Right-click your web project in Visual Studio, and select Publish

Right-click your web project and select “publish”

2. Click on the “Microsoft Azure Web Abpps” button in the Web Publishing Wizard:

You may be promped for login credentials to your azure subscription when you access the web publish wizard

Click on microsoft Azure Web Apps and deploy your solution. PRESTO, that’s it.

It literally takes you a couple of minutes to create a website and deploy it to Azure. You can share your project with friends and colleagues around the world in no time. And if the idea wasn’t that great to begin with? Just delete the website again!

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