Gratis Windows Azure fagdag med Ralph Squillace

Gratis Windows Azure fagdag

Ralph Squillace fikk strålende tilbakemeldinger på TechDays 2011, og kommer nå tilbake til Oslo for å holde en gratis fagdag for deg som utvikler.

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9:00-10:00: Introduction to me, agenda, overview of Windows Azure.

10:15-11:00: Server Patterns, Part One: Compute. (discussion included)
Server side: the basic scalable pattern – Stateless services and SOA. Problems of old model of durability. Includes connectivity and integration patterns.
Important: server patterns are common to any client, although there are some things you want to do with “small” clients like phones and web pages. We’ll discuss that in about 5 minutes. (Basically: JSON, compression, security, and data synchronization issues.)
Clients: Async retries. Full stop. NO XML.

11:00-12:00: Server Patterns, Part Two: Storage. (discussion included)
Again, clients. Here we’ll discuss data synchronization, serialization again.
Server side: SQL Azure/Tables/Blobs.

12:00-1:00: Working and Arguing Lunch.
Demo/lab code to play with if they want. We’ll continue discussion during this period while we eat?

1:00-1:45: Client demos and where you can get the code to see it. Client-server issues and HTML5 with jquery.
Each one shows ACS integration.

2:00-3:00: Logging, monitoring, testing, debugging.

3:10-4:00: Migration

About the presenter:
Ralph Squillace is a senior programmer/writer on the Content and Customer Experience team at the Microsoft Corporation, currently responsible for cloud application patterns in Windows Azure, among other things. When he was young, he did his graduate work in history at the University of California, Berkeley. Yes, he is aware that he is supposed to be an historian; you don't need to tell him.
Instead, Ralph started his career in software as a programming editor for OLE32 and then COM, after which he was a developer for several years, working on tools and applications for Microsoft and several other Seattle-based companies. He wrote several of the original SDK samples for the .NET Framework 1.0, and began writing developer documentation with the original threading and remoting documentation for .NET. Since then he's been writing SDK samples, sample code, and developer documentation for the .NET Framework, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), Windows Azure AppFabric, and Windows Phone, and loves making other platforms work in conjunction with Windows Azure. These days he presents on Windows Azure and cloud development topics for customers around the world.
Ralph is currently based in Paris and San Francisco; really, wherever his daughter happens to go to school.

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