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The 'future proof' IT platform built on open source technologies

How to define your Cloud, DevopS and Big data strategy taking advantage of the OpenSource model opportunity

Digital transformation is moving to the centre of corporate strategy for European organizations and is increasingly a CEO priority. However, future IT infrastructure architectures to support these initiatives will be very different to present day environments. IDC believes this will be shaped by the following 4 key trends

1. Open is Mandatory

By 2017, over 70% of enterprises will embrace open source and open APIs as the underpinnings for cloud integration strategies. In addition, open source will impact 80% of infrastructure hardware buying decisions in 2016

2. DevOps Matures

By 2018, over 50% of new apps will use cloud-enabled continuous delivery and cloud-native application architectures to enable faster innovation and business agility.

3. Cloud Core

Pursuing Digital initiatives without a cloud IT foundation will be utterly impossible. By 2018, 40% of European enterprises' IT infrastructure and software investments will be cloud based, pushing towards 50% by 2020.

4. The Role of Cloud-based Big Data

Through 2020, spending on cloud-based Big Data analytics technology will grow 4.5x faster than spending for on-premises solutions; open source technology will represent the core of this new architecture. IDC believes that getting these principles right immediately could mean the difference between failure and success for your digital transformation efforts moving forward.


Join the Enterprise Open Source Roadshow with IDC and Microsoft to find opportunities to transition your business to the next level.

The Roadshow will feature customer case stories, presentations by IDC and Microsoft along with our open source technology partners offering hands on labs on using their technology on Microsoft Azure cloud platform. More information can be found here.



25.10.2016, 9:00 - 15:00


Breakout sessions

Hands-on labs


Microsoft Finland

Keilalahdentie 2-4

02150 Espoo


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