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Configuring WordPress for SQL Azure

Microsoft released a Patch for WordPress 2.9.2 which enables SQL Server Support. With the SQL Server Support you also have SQL Azure in the bag. There are enough installation docs and posts out there, but I was missing a concrete one for the parameters given in the WordPress database connection details page. So, to make… Read more

Visual Studio 2010 – Fun with DynamicObject in C# 4.0

This morning I just played around with the new C# 4.0 dynamic feature. Using the dynamic keyword allows you to bind to properties, indexers and methods during runtime. This means that during compile time there is no check if the methods, properties or whatever you are calling are really existent, you experience any missing pieces… Read more

CREATE DATABASE permission denied in database ‘master’ – My Fix

Normally I always install SQL Management Studio for my development environment. But this time I just thought I would not need it. I installed my machine outside of the domain network. The SQL Server 2008 Express installation was done with a local administrator user which I enabled to have dbo admin rights. I have also… Read more

Improving Entity Framework Performance

Important Update: This post is not any more valid for current Entity Framework versions. Current Versions don’t have this performance impact as seen here. This is out dated! Sorry for any inconvenience on applying this to current versions!   I was really shocked when I saw this blog post: Entity Framework and LINQ to SQL… Read more

Coding 4 Fun: Slide Tweet 0.1

What is Slide Tweet? A Powerpoint Add-In twittering slide titles. If you are not familiar with https://twitter.com I suggest to read the post “How to Twitter – First Steps and a Twitter Glossary” from Scott Hanselman. Why do I want to have an add-in for powerpoint twittering slide titles? Well, I had an idea and… Read more

Giving my account rights to create service endpoints on port 80

Note to myself: new OS, missing configuration: Start command shell in administration mode netsh http add urlacl url=http://+:80/ user=DOMAINuser Update: If you are doing this, your local IIS might not be able to display websites on port 80. See this post: Service Unavailble HTTP Error 503 mit IIS 7 auf Windows 7… Read more

How to find and install the Live Framework SDK (CTP)

It is not easy to find the Live Framework SDK introduced during PDC 2008. Therefore I just snapshot and wrote down the steps to find and install it. Apply for the Live Framework SDK This is something you should do first. If you are at PDC 2008 you have an alternative way of doing the… Read more

How to install the Nortwind sample database in SQL Server Express

One of the things when setting up an demo environment (a fresh install) is to integrate the Northwind sample database on the demo environment. I normally just use a SQL Server Express for demos and I take Northwind to have data to play with, what else. I know there is some discussion around Northwind, but… Read more

Twitter WCF 3.5 API Library

I just published the API declaration library, even it is just experimental and has not been tested. I think it is still a time saver to get at least the declarations. If anyone has an improved version, I would be interested to be updated. You can find the library here and some more info here…. Read more