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Configuring WordPress for SQL Azure

Microsoft released a Patch for WordPress 2.9.2 which enables SQL Server Support. With the SQL Server Support you also have SQL Azure in the bag. There are enough installation docs and posts out there, but I was missing a concrete one for the parameters given in the WordPress database connection details page.


So, to make it simple we assume that we have a SQL Azure database named Blog hosted on xyz.database.windows.net. Further we assume we created a user for the blog named bloguser through the SQL Server Management Console (2008 R2!) and associated the user as db owner for the database.

Here are the inputs required by this setup page:

Database Name Blog
User Name bloguser@xyz
Password secret
Database Host tcp:xyz.database.windows.net,1433
Database Type SQL Server using Microsoft PHP Driver – sqlsrv (preferred)
Table Prefix wp_

Important to notice that we have to specify the user with the addition of the subdomain name of our SQL Azure service instance.

Also another pitfall is Port 1433 which is closed by most hosting providers by default (at least here in Germany). So, don’t forget to open it as outgoing connection (TCP) in your firewall.

Hope this helps.